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Before you choose a company to make your t-shirt quilt, consider not only the price, but also how well your quilt will be made. I make all the quilts offered.  If you have a special request, I can usually accommodate it.  If you're not sure about something, give me a call or drop an email.

My price includes the all the materials - sashing and border fabric, batting, and backing fabric - all you need to do is send your shirts!


T-shirt Preparation. Your t-shirts are prepared with a sheer weight fusible backing. The interfacing that I use is very thin and soft and will not make your shirts thick or stiff. You won't notice it's there but it will provides the stability needed to prevent your shirts from stretching and sagging. This process also helps to fill small holes and stops any runs and will help preserve some your best loved, but very worn shirts!

Your quilt is constructed with three layers.  The top layer contains your t-shirts, along with fabric sashing (fabric between the shirts) and borders.  Cotton batting is used for the middle layer to provide body and warmth, and to enhance the machine quilting.  And cotton fabric is used for the bottom layer or backing.  Many companies will only use two layers, the top layer of shirts and a fleece backing.  I personally prefer the stability and warmth that three layers provides.

Machine Quilting - The layers are then machine quilted together for durability and strength, using invisible thread in a meandering pattern throughout each t-shirt block.  Invisible thread is used so the stitching does not show and interfere with the t-shirt design.  This quilting method results in a very attractive, stable quilt. See the close-up below:

Example of Machine Quilting

Many t-shirt quilt companies do not quilt their quilts in an all-over pattern. They may sandwich the layers together by hand tying, spot tacking, or simply by stitching in the seams that join the shirts. This can result in sagging, bunching, and a generally unstable quilt.  And a quilt that may not stand up to washing. Many t-shirt quilt companies charge as much as $200 extra for machine quilting! My prices include machine quilting!

Binding - Your quilt is finished with a double folded fabric binding that is hand stitched to the back of the quilt with an invisible sewing stitch. The edges of your quilt are subject to wear and this type of binding is very neat and more durable than a single layer binding or most machine applied bindings.

Example of Hand-Sewn Binding

Materials - Premium 100% cotton fabric is used in my quilts for the sashing, borders, backing and binding. The batting is also 100% cotton, which gives your quilt a smooth, soft look and accents the machine quilting. Many other t-shirt quilt companies may charge extra for fabric or require you to provide your own fabric. My prices include all fabric and batting.  My price includes the sashing, batting, backing fabric - I provide everything but your shirts!

Design - A great deal of time is spent arranging your shirts and selecting the sashing color (the fabric that goes between your shirts) to ensure the most attractive layout and color combination for your quilt. If you have a color preference, just let me know and I will use the color fabric of your choice.

Attention to Detail - I take great care to ensure each t-shirt design is aligned correctly, centered and straight. This is what makes the difference between an attractive looking quilt and one that looks off center or crooked.

Q & A

Q:  What kinds of shirts can be included in my t-shirt quilt?
T-shirts, sweatshirts, collared shirts, football & hockey jerseys, golf shirts can all be used in your quilt. 

Q:   How do I indicate which side of a shirt to use in my t-shirt quilt?
Tp indicate which side of a shirt to use, you can either pin a note to the shirt. An easier way is to bundle the shirts together by which side you would like used and put them in separate bags and label the bags  "front side only", "back only" or "both sides."  - Please don't use masking tape - the glue sometimes sticks to the shirts and won't come off.

Q: I have a specific layout in mind. Can I design my own quilt?
Yes, you may design the layout of your quilt. I suggest you create a grid to indicate the placement of each t-shirt, or take a photograph of your shirts laid out as you would like them.

Q: Can I request a specific color for the sashing and backing fabric?
Yes, please specify the color you would like on the order from.

Q: Can I request a specific color for the backing fabric?
Yes. I normally use a beige tone-on-tone fabric for the back of the quilt.  However, if you have a color preference, I can use just about any color fabric.  There may be an additional charge for a different color backing fabric. Please specify the color you would like on the order form.

Special Requests - Since I'm a small company, I can accommodate most special requests for custom work very easily. If you have a special request for a particular color sashing, or backing or to add a favorite photo, ribbons, mittens, or other special personalization, I can accommodate almost any request. If it can be sewn, I can usually do it.

Customer Service

I pride myself on my high level of customer service. I understand that you are anxious about sending your treasured memories in the mail, and want you to be comfortable knowing that at Goose Tracks Quilts your t-shirts will be handled with extreme care. I will let you know when your shirts arrive, the expected completion date, when I've begun work on your quilt, and when your quilt is completed and ready to ship. I will contact you with any questions along the way to make sure your quilt is made according to your wishes.

All quilts are shipped insured and I will provide you with tracking information so you can follow your quilt shipment.


With all of the great features and quality workmanship that Goose Tracks Quilts offers, you would expect my quilts to be very expensive .... but when you compare what other t-shirt quilt companies offer .... to the quality, attention to detail and customer service that you will receive at Goose Tracks Quilts, you will agree that a t-shirt quilt made by Goose Tracks Quilts is a great value!  Pricing for all t-shirt quilts includes insured shipping.


Your shirts should be washed and in good condition.  The interfacing that is used to stabilize your quilts will fill in any small holes very nicely.

Please do not cut your shirts.  Cut shirts are sometimes difficult to work with and often are cut too small and must be modified to fit into the quilt design.  If there are a large number of shirts that need to be resized due to cutting, there may be an additional charge.

To indicate which side of a shirt to use, you can either pin a note to the shirt, or an easier way is to bundle the shirts together by which side you would like used and put them in separate bags, one for "front side only", "back only" or "both sides."

All you need to do is fill out the order form and send it with your shirts. There is no additional charge for fabric, batting, backing or machine quilting - I provide everything to make your quilt - and it is all included in my price.

UPS, FedEx or the US Postal Service all deliver here - it's your choice which carrier to use.

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Caring for Your Quilt

Unless your quilt is soiled, a good airing out is usually all that is needed to freshen your quilt.

To freshen your quilt, tumble it in a cool dryer for a few minutes and shake it out.

In general, your quilt can be washed in the machine and dried in the dryer - with care.

BUT - Realize that you may be washing colored shirts with white shirts. So it is a good idea to use something to prevent the dye from migrating from the colored shirts to the white shirts - like a Shout Color Catcher Cloth. The Color Catcher Cloth will absorb and trap loose dyes.

If there are shirts in your quilt that can not be washed you may want to have your quilt dry cleaned.

Set your machine to the gentle cycle, fill the wash machine with cold water and immerse your quilt in the water. Use a minimum amount of gentle laundry detergent. When the cycle is complete, remove your quilt promptly.

You may put your quilt it in the dryer, again, use a low dry temperature setting. If you line dry your quilt, hang it with the backside out to protect the shirts from fading. While still damp, your quilt can be put into the dryer to fluff it.

As always - if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at cathy@goosetracks.com


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