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T-shirt Quilt

This photo is from our local newspaper - it is a Custom Variable style t-shirt quilt that I made from a collection of vacation t-shirts. There are approximately 120 t-shirts in this quilt which tell 120 different stories!!

T-shirt quilts are wonderful remembrances of school activities, sports, fraternity and sorority events. They're great for club activities, anniversaries, scouting events, vacations and many other activities and provide a visual history of your life.
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Please allow up to up to 12 weeks for delivery!

Service Men and  Women enjoy a $25 discount  off the price of your t-shirt quilt!

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T-Shirt Quilt Information

All quilts are made using cotton fabric for the sashing, backing and batting, and are machine quilted in a meandering pattern which covers the entire t-shirt block for stability - my quilts are not tied! I use invisible nylon thread which doesn't interfere with the design of the shirts. This quilting method results in a very attractive texture and provides exceptional stability.

I offer two styles of t-shirt quilts - traditional and variable.

A Traditional t-shirt quilt means that the shirts are all cut the same size. The shirts are arranged in a grid pattern, and have sashing between the blocks. The quilt is then machine quilted. The price is determined by the number of t-shirts. The pricing is based on a 14" square t-shirt block with 1 1/2" sashing and 2" borders.

A Variable t-shirt quilt is made by varying the size of the squares made from the shirts. A variable style is ideal if you have shirts of various sizes - this style allows you to incorporate various size shirt blocks, smaller logos, such as pocket designs and smaller squares. If you have t-shirts that are already cut, a variable style t-shirt quilt is a good choice. Variation in the size of the blocks makes the quilt more interesting. The pricing is based on a 14" wide shirt block. These quilts also have 1 1/2" sashing in between the blocks and 2" borders.

Pillows and pillow shams are made with an envelope style back to slip your pillow in. They can be made to coordinate with your quilt. Two to four shirts are usually enough for a pillow sham, and one t-shirt is required for a throw pillow.

You can also order a gift certificate for a t-shirt quilt!
Save your memories in a t-shirt quilt!
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T-shirt Quilt Frequently Asked Questions!

Traditional Style T-shirt Quilt
A Traditional style t-shirt quilt - made from a collection of t-shirts from marathon races.  The shirts are all the same size in a traditional style t-shirt quilt.

T-shirt Quilt - traditional style

Variable Style T-Shirt Quilt

A Variable style t-shirt quilt - where the shirts are different sizes.  This quilt was made from sorority and vacation t-shirts

T-shirt Quilt Variable Style

Variable Style T-shirt Quilt

A custom designed Variable style t-shirt quilt - a mother's gift to her grown son. It's made from her son's t-shirts as a remembrance of the schools he attended, special vacation destinations, sports figures, concerts, and activities that he was involved in while growing up!

T-shirt Quilt - Custom

Variable Style T-shirt Quilt

This photo of a Variable style t-shirt quilt was sent to me by my customer - thank you!

T-shirt Quilt Variable Style

Pillow Shams

Pillow Shams made from t-shirts - you need 2-4 shirts per sham.

T-shirt Pillow Sham

T-shirt Quilt Pillow Sham

Shams are made with an envelope back and a flanged edge. They come in standard, queen and king size.

Throw Pillows

Pillows are 20 inches and can be ordered with or without a pillow form.  The back has an envelope style opening so the pillow cover can be removed from the pillow form.

Each pillow requires one t-shirt.

T-shirt Throw Pillow


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