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Memory and Memorial Quilts

A quilt made with pieces of the past provides comfort and a special connection to past memories.

Memorial quilts are created to honor or memorialize a person, an event, or an achievement. They can help grieve a loss. My quilts are individually crafted from clothing and textiles which you provide.

Memory Quilt - Modified Rail Pattern

Memorial Quilts Order Form and Pricing Information

Your loved one's clothing can be used to make a beautiful memorial quilt to comfort you and commemorate their lives. One of my customers said that wrapping herself in the memory quilt made from her husband's clothing was like snuggling in his arms.

Memory quilts can include clothing such as shirts, ties, suits, jeans, blouses, dresses, sports uniforms, etc.

Your memory quilt will become a treasured family heirloom to be passed down to future generations.

My customer sent this photo of her family wrapped in their memory quilts - thank you!

Memory Quilts for a Family - Custom Pattern

Here are examples of some of the patterns available:

Memory Quilt - Snail Trail Pattern

Random Snail Trail Pattern

Log Cabin Memory Quilt

Log Cabin Pattern

Memory Quilt Modified Rail Pattern

Modified Rail Fence Pattern

Memorial Quilt Rail Fence Pattern

Rail Fence Pattern

Memory Quilt Antique Circle Pattern

Antique Circle Quilt (available in throw size only)

Antique Circle Memory Quilt Closeup

Detail of Antique Circle Quilt

Strippy Wall Quilt

Memorial Quilt - strippy closeup

Closeup of Strippy Quilt

Necktie Pillows

These pillows are made in a strippy pattern, with a flanged edge and envelope back and include a pillow form.  The pillow form is 18 inches - with the flanged edge, the total size of the pillow is 22 inches.  You need about 16 ties for each pillow.  A variety of colors, lights and darks and patterns make the best designs!  Ordering Information for pillows is available here - Pillow Ordering Information

Memorial Quilt Information
Because there is such a variety of sizes and types of clothing used in memorial quilts, they take much more time to make than quilts made from regular quilting fabric.

Each piece of clothing is disassembled and custom cut (seams, sleeves, buttons, pockets, etc. removed).  Most of the clothing needs to be backed with sheer interfacing to maintain its shape and prevent stretching or unraveling.  Therefore, the additional time to prepare the clothing and assemble the quilt is reflected in the price.

Please click here for pricing information.

To Order

All you need to do is choose a pattern and size for your quilt, and send your clothing along with a completed order form.

You should send a variety of clothing and colors, the more the better.  Most clothing can be used in a quilt - exceptions are - heavy fabrics like velour robes, open weave knits,  bulky sweaters, leathers, terry cloth and very thick materials.  I will try to use everything that you send - please make sure the clothing that you send is clean.

Your quilts are made primarily with the clothing you provide, however, I may incorporate additional fabric as needed.

I use cotton batting and cotton fabric for the backing.

Your quilt will be machine quilted in a design selected to complement the quilt pattern.

I have shown only a few of the many patterns available - if you have another pattern in mind, or any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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