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Country Log Cabin Quilt

The Country Log Cabin quilt is a wonderful quilt for a country style decor. It is a "scrappy" quilt, made from various plaids and reproduction print fabrics. Here it is shown with a blue plaid border (the check fabric in the border doesn't show up well here - I can send a photo if you would like - just email me at email Cathy) - it can also be made with a red or green border, to complement your decor. It is made of 100% cotton, machine quilted to outline the log shapes with a chain motif quilted in the borders. No two are alike!

This Log Cabin Quilt in blue is available now!

$495 plus shipping.


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It's sometimes hard for a photograph to capture the feel, the detail and workmanship of these quilts - to help, here's a close-up of the center of this log cabin quilt -

The quilt below is another version of the Log Cabin Quilt with a green border.


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