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Welcome to Goose Tracks Quilts

Celebrating 25+ Years! - Made in America - since 1992!

Goose Tracks Quilts is a small company specializing in quality custom quilts.

T-shirt quilts provide a visual history and a unique way to remember special events in your life.  A t-shirt quilt is a great way to reduce clutter, recycle, re-use and organize your t-shirt collection! My t-shirt quilts are machine quilted, which makes them strong and long lasting!
Save your memories in a t-shirt quilt!

If you would like to make your own t-shirt quilt -  click here for Free Instructions and don't forget to purchase Interfacing - it makes working with stretchy t-shirts much easier!  Available pre-measured based upon the size quilt you are making.  Fast - Free shipping!!

You can wrap yourself in a Memory Quilt made from your loved one's clothing. A memory quilt provides comfort and a special connection to someone you would like to remember. Many times when a loved one passes, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do with their clothing. Goose Tracks Quilts can transform their clothing into a beautiful memory quilt which will bring warmth and comfort to you and your family while commemorating their lives.
Memory quilts ~ pieces of our lives stitched together with love.

Memory, Necktie and T-shirt pillows are a wonderful way to remember a special person or special event.  Pillows are a great idea when you don't have enough clothing for a larger quilt but still would like a lasting remembrance.  Instructions are also available if you would like to make your own necktie pillow.

Childhood Memory Quilts made from your children's clothing - For those items too precious to part with, a childhood memory quilt is the perfect way to preserve the memories they hold and is sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

My decorative and baby quilts are heirloom quality - made with the finest cotton fabrics chosen to complement traditional quilt patterns. Each quilt is made to order and is densely quilted in a pattern that complements and enhances the overall quilt design.

New!! - Robins and Sunshine - cute little table topper - ready for delivery! $37.50 including shipping!

Country Log Cabin quilt - available now - look here for details!

All quilts are made using quality cotton fabrics, in colors and patterns  selected to complement each quilt design, and are machine quilted.

A quilt warms your body and comforts your soul!

Thank you for visiting my site - please bookmark my location and stop back -
All inquires are welcome!

Cathy Hooley
January 2019

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